Daily Bible Verse

Psalm 40:8
“I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.””

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Following the completion of the construction of a new education building in early 1968, Buster Linville, a member of Oak Ridge United Methodist Church, came before the Christian Education Board of Directors with the suggestion that a child care center be opened.  He felt there was a need for child care in the community and that the new building should be used more than once a week.


With the Board of Directors' approval, Mr. Linville and Mr. Bailes, also a church member began planning.  In May of 1968, Oak Ridge Day Care and Kindergarten opened.  It began as a community project.  The first Board of Directors was appointed from among the membership of Central Baptist Church, Moravian Church, and Oak Ridge United Methodist Church.


In 1971, the Day Care became part of the overall Christian Education Program of Oak Ridge United Methodist Church, no longer being sponsored by the three churches.  There were a few lean years while getting established, but soon the School was well equipped and self supporting.


Through the years, many lives have been touched by this ministry.  Children have found the School a place where loving people care for them.  Parents have been able to go about their work trusting the School with their young children and knowing that Oak Ridge United Methodist Church Weekday School is a place where God's love abounds.